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The Best Pickleball Gloves for Sweaty Hands (Top Picks)

Does your hand sweat, causing you to lose grip of your pickleball paddle handle? Read on for reviews of the best pickleball gloves in 2023.

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Picture this scenario: you're battling out a crucial pickleball point, playing great, when suddenly your grip starts slipping and the paddle falls out of your hand. Frustrating, right?

If you're a player with perpetually sweaty hands, you know the struggle all too well. And sometimes, overgrips and towels aren't enough to combat it.

But fear not! There's a simple solution to regain control and dominate the court: pickleball gloves designed specifically for sweaty hands.

In this article, we'll dive into some reasons to wear a glove, qualities of a top glove option, and FAQ you might have about wearing a pickleball glove during gameplay.

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Top Pickleball Gloves

These are our top picks for the best pickleball gloves on the market.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Glove (Best Overall)

The synthetic materials provide an amazing grip that keeps your paddle firmly in your hand, no matter how sweaty you get.

This is a simple and effective glove made by an honored brand name in sports in Franklin. And it comes in the half-finger style, so you don't feel like you're really wearing a glove at all.

pickleball glove franklin

CUZINA Pickleball Glove (Most Durable)

The lightweight design allows for effortless hand movement and a natural feel on the court. It is a heavy-duty glove that will last you a while.

The perforated design and moisture-wicking fabric keep your hands cool and dry. The textured palm ensures a solid grip, giving you the confidence to unleash powerful shots.

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Selkirk Attaktix Pickleball Glove (Best Grip)

The tacky palm material provides an unbeatable grip, even in the most intense and sweaty matches. This glove was clearly made for pickleball.

Your paddle won't slip out of your hand anymore. Not only that, but the glove's padding and ergonomic design offer comfort and protection, so you can play without hand fatigue.

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HEAD Airflow Pickleball Glove (Best Comfort)

The unique mesh design promotes airflow and ventilation, so your hands stay cool and sweat-free. This glove is known for comfort, but is not the most durable of this list.

The synthetic premium leather palm offers a reliable grip and durability. This glove has a combo of leathery feel and spandex stretchiness that is rare to find in gloves.

This glove will be your new best friend on the pickleball court.

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Bionic Pickleball Glove (Best Flexibility)

This one is unique. The anatomical relief pads reduce hand fatigue and keep you comfortable throughout the game.

The leather construction ensures durability, so you won't have to worry about it wearing out quickly. And the terrycloth thumb surface is a lifesaver for sweat absorption.

With its enhanced grip with padding in the fingers and breathable slits in then back, this glove will have you playing your best pickleball yet.

pickleball glove

Pickleball Glove Qualities

These features are very important to look for when shopping pickleball gloves.

Enhanced Grip

The first and most crucial quality of a pickleball glove is a better hold of the paddle.

You want a glove that will give sturdy traction and prevent slippage during tough points.

Look for gloves with materials such as tacky synthetic materials or textured palm surfaces, that are specifically made to offer better grip even when your hands are perspiring. A quality glove will ensure that you maintain control and can swing more freely.


Sweaty hands can quickly turn a comfortable grip into a wet and slippery disaster.

A top-quality pickleball glove should feature qualities that makes moisture evaporate.

By managing perspiration, a glove can keep your hand cool and dry, and allows you to maintain a firm hold on the paddle, reducing the chances of costly slips and mishits.

Comfort and Durability

Look for gloves that provide a snug yet comfortable fit, allowing for easy movement and a natural feel. You don't want a glove that is rigid or tight.

Also, find gloves made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of regular use. Reinforced stitching, breathable fabrics, netting, and adjustable closures like velcro are all signs of a well-constructed glove that will serve you well on the pickleball court.

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Pickleball Glove FAQ:

Can I wear any type of glove for pickleball?

While any glove may offer some level of grip, it's recommended to use gloves specifically designed for pickleball.

These gloves are engineered to provide the ideal balance of grip, flexibility, and breathability, making them the optimal choice for pickleball.

Do a lot of players wear pickleball gloves?

Generally, most players do not. However, they are trending up.

In some sports like racquetball, a lot of players wear a glove. And that could be the case in pickleball as time goes on. Get ahead of the trend!

What else can I do for sweaty hands (for pickleball)?

Your best bet by far is a specialized overgrip solution by Tourna, which you can read our comprehensive review of here. It is meant for players with sweaty hands.

Do pickleball gloves hinder hand movement?

Not at all! High-quality pickleball gloves can give you a snug fit while still allowing for full range of motion when you swing.

Most are lightweight and flexible, ensuring that you remain unrestricted, while still offering you the necessary grip and moisture management. Think like a golf glove, but better.

How do I determine the right size for a pickleball glove?

It's important to ensure a snug fit without any excess material that could affect your grip. A glove that is too tight may restrict movement and be uncomfortable, while one that is too loose feel funny and actually cause you to lose your grip anyways.

Gloves will stretch over time. So if it's a bit tight at the onset, it's usually ok.

Can I wash my pickleball gloves?

Yes, most pickleball gloves are machine washable or can be hand-washed just by rinsing with water and leaving it out to dry. Good to have a spare pair though.

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Bottom Line

Why wait? Take charge of your game and invest in a pickleball glove for sweaty hands.

With their exceptional grip, moisture management, and comfort, these gloves can be an essential part of your pickleball gear.

Say goodbye to slips, mishits, and frustration, and embrace the confidence and control that come with wearing a quality glove designed to combat sweaty hands.

Right now, a lot of players don't make use of a glove. But that might change in time.

Shop pickleball gloves on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

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