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The Best Tape for Pickleball Lines (Is Not What You Think)

We review and recommend the best tape option on the market if you need to set up pickleball court lines. It's inexpensive and effective. Read on to learn more...

pickleball lines

Pickleball players know the importance of well-defined lines on the court. But not all courts are dedicated and permanent. Some must be set up for each use.

Lines not only dictate the boundaries, but also help with accurate calls and knowing where to stand. While there are many options for marking pickleball lines, one unlikely candidate has emerged as a surprising favorite: (orange) painter's tape.

You can also paint lines. However, the cost, time, and effort required to do so has led players and facilities to look for alternatives. Hence why convenient tape has emerged.

This article discusses the surprising upsides and growing usage of painter's tape as the go-to choice for marking pickleball lines. This unusual option will surpass your expectations, offering a cost-effective, easy plan for when you need to set up a court.

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The Best Pickleball Line Tape

It's not electric tape. It's not masking tape. And it's not definitely not Scotch tape!

It's painter's tape. Bonus for orange. Here is why:

It's durable enough. You can step on it repeatedly and it won't peel or tear.

It's visible. You should be able to see the distinct orange color on most surfaces.

It's economical. You can tape a court for mere dollars, and the tape can last a while.

You can easily store multiple rolls in your pickleball equipment bag, as it is small.

Lastly, it will not leave behind sticky residue. It will have virtually zero footprint!

pickleball court tape

The above pictured is an Amazon's Choice painter's tape by Lichamp (click to view). It costs four cents per foot and works on any dry, flat surface. One roll per court.

Pickleball Line Tape Criteria

Here are three key criteria to think about for temporary pickleball line tape. These factors are adhesion, visibility, and removal:

Adhesive Strength

A good tape should adhere well to both indoor and outdoor court surfaces.

It cannot peel off easily, whether on its own or when stepped on. It must remain firmly in place during gameplay.

The tape should be resistant to moisture and pressure, even with constant foot traffic and impact and occasional weather conditions.


Clear and easily visible lines are crucial for pickleball players to know whether a ball is in or out, and also where to stand in various instances.

The tape used for temporary lines should be vibrant bordering on neon colors, allowing players to quickly notice them during fast-paced play.

The color of the tape should contrast well against the ground to make sure everyone can see in various lighting conditions. Some people have trouble seeing when it's dark. Preventing confusion and dispute is the goal though!

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Residue-free Removal

As the lines are temporary, it's important that the tape can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

Orange painter's tape prevents damage or discoloration to the court surface when the tape is removed. Also, the tape is very easy removable and does not take much effort.

Here are two great, similar alternatives on Pickleball Central:

Best for indoor courts and wooden gym floors.

Can tear by hand, low reflectivity, and comes in three color options.

Pickleball Line Tape FAQ

Can I use painter's tape for outdoor pickleball courts?

Orange painter's tape works best for outdoor pickleball courts, actually.

What's the difference between painter's and masking tape?

Painter's tape leaves behind less residue in the form of stickiness and discoloration than will masking tape. At the same time, painter's tape is much more durable and bright.

Masking tape also typically does not come in the proper thickness for pickleball lines. All in all, for comparable price, painter's tape is better in almost every way.

How long does painter's tape usually last?

Its lifespan depends on how much you use it, the weather, and the quality of groundwork.

It's designed for short-term applications, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

If you notice the tape starting to peel or lose its grip, just add on another layer.

Will painter's tape damage the court?

No! And that is the whole point.

Orange painter's tape is known for its easy and clean removal. Using it is a breeze.

However, it's always smart to test a small area first before going all-out and taping the entire court. Different surfaces can react differently, and surface condition can also play a role.

How visible is painter's tape compared to other tapes?

Orange painter's tape is very visible on most ground, including blue and green tennis courts.

Its bright orange color stands out nicely, giving you clear boundaries that almost everyone can see. Painter's tape has elite visibility, and is for the most part superior to other tapes.

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