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The Top Pickleball HOLIDAY (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) Deals

A useful list of exclusive Black Friday sales and discounts. The below guide will help you find quality gifts for that pickleball playing friend or family member in your life!

pickleball holiday gift guide

Getting the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is key for those in search of deals on pickleball gear and equipment. Or for those seeking gifts to give!

These special shopping days offer nice discounts, especially online at the right retailers, making it the perfect time to discover and enjoy significant savings.

By taking advantage of this, folks can upgrade pickleball essentials (from paddles to shoes to gear bags) without straining one's budget. Pickleball costs enough as it is.

Let's find that sweet spot where value meets quality. Dive into our Black Friday and Cyber Monday top picks, and snag fantastic deals today.

[For quick picks, view pickleball holiday gift deals on Pickleball Central and Amazon]

Top Holiday Pickleball Deals:

Unisex Pro Tour Hoodie

A cozy polyester and cotton blend hoodie with front pocket, repping the PPA pro pickleball tour logo in a nice cool "Malibu" blue tint.

This sweatshirt is a perfect warmup and cooldown outerwear for both guys and girls, great for these colder months throughout the holidays.

This hoodie is unisex sizing and scheme, so it can fit anybody. A great way for any true player to show off that they are in the scene and know what they are talking about.

ppa pro pickleball tour jacket

Franklin Pro Series Paddle Bag

Explore the Franklin pro tour bag on both Pickleball Central and Amazon, a sleek and efficient and roomy bag tailored for pickleball diehards.

Boasting numerous compartments and sturdy craftsmanship, it holds several paddles, a ton of balls, and other personal items with ease, ensuring efficiency and comfort in transport.

Comes in a few different cool color schemes, including grey with pink or blue.

franklin pickleball bag

Franklin X-40 Pickleballs (12 pack)

Keep the games going with Franklin X-40 pickleballs from Amazon, a top choice for competitive play used in major events as well as casual games across the country.

These top-tier pickleballs, renowned for their durability, deliver a consistent bounce and flight. They cater to both casual and pro-level matches, and last a long time!

This is the perfect, most simple gift for anyone who plays pickleball regularly.

pickleball ball gift franklin

HEAD Elite 4-Paddle Bundle

Provide a family or friend group with this simple bundle, an all-in-one package available at Pickleball Central, which is perfect for newer players to get started.

This gift bundle comprises four high-caliber paddles, striking the perfect balance between power and control, promising an exhilarating experience for players of all skill levels.

A perfect starter paddle kit for a family or group of friends, all at a great discount.

pickleball paddle bundle

Bearwill Regulation Pickleball Net

Amazon presents Bearwill Pickleball Net, a regulation-size net that is easy to set up.

Vibrantly colored and robustly constructed, these nets offer optimal visibility and performance, making them an ideal choice for players who want a spontaneous game!

Sidenote: For more gift flexibility, also consider an Amazon gift card.

pickleball net temporary

Diadem Warrior V1 Paddle

Step onto the court with the Diadem Warrior V1 Paddle, a premium choice from Pickleball Central that harmonizes power and precision.

Crafted with lightweight carbon fiber, this paddle provides a responsive and robust feel, catering to nuances of the game for intermediate players.

This paddle has passed the test of time and is known as a reliable, value paddle.

pickleball diadem paddle

ASICS Gel Pickleball Shoes

Amazon offers ASICS Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes for men, a dedicated footwear option for pickleball. Infused with their signature Gel technology, these shoes ensure comfort, support, and elite traction, facilitating swift movements on court.

This is a great light shoe for players who want to feel light on their feet. Female builds and color schemes are available too. These ones are up to 25% off!

pickleball shoe asics

pickleball shoe womens asics

Electrum Model E 16mm Paddle

Immerse yourself in the finer side of the game with the Electrum Model E 16mm paddle, a high-performance option showcased on Pickleball Central.

This paddle, used all the way up to the pro level, with its innovative technology and thick core, stands out as a popular choice among pickleball veterans for a solid feel and elite spin.

This is a nice option for a serious player who wants to take the next step with a pro paddle.

pickleball paddle electrum

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddle

The JOOLA John's Hyperion is a professional-grade paddle designed to enhance spin and control. This was one of the most famous paddles in 2022 and 2023.

Distinguished by its unique design and quality construction, this paddle was crafted by the #1 player in the world, and caters to players truly seeking an edge in advanced play.

This is a top-shelf paddle and one of the best gifts you could give an avid player.

pickleball joola ben johns

Babolat Jet Tere Court Shoe

Step onto the court confidently with the Babolat Jet Tere Shoe, a fashionable and supportive court shoe from Pickleball Central. These shoes are some of the most reputable in the sport.

Tailored for pickleball, this shoe prioritizes comfort, offering the essential features for quick movement and pain and injury reduction. It's also fashionable, and comes in ladies fits too. Some of these shoes are about 25% off!

Perhaps the best shoe you can find under $100. Also consider K-SWISS (link to our review).

pickleball babolat jet tere shoe

pickleball babolat jet tere shoe

Franklin Pickleball Retriever Tube

Simplify ball pickup during practice or play with the Franklin Sports Pickleball Retrieval Tube, available on Amazon. This is perfect for anyone who is training or drilling routinely.

Lightweight and durable, this accessory streamlines the process of collecting pickleballs, adding convenience to your pickleball sessions. You'll save time, and save your back!

pickleball ball tube drills

Penguin Performance V-Neck Dress

Infuse style into your game with the Original Penguin Pete Performance V-Neck Dress, a chic and comfortable choice from Penguin in conjunction with Pickleball Central.

Crafted with moisture-wicking fabric and a flattering design, this dress seamlessly blends fashion and functionality. You'll look sharp on and off the court. It is 50% off right now, and also comes in white.

pickleball ladies dress

FILA Skort (Anna Leigh Waters)

For female players seeking versatility and comfort, Pickleball Central along with FILA present the HW Skort. Worn by the #1 female player in the world! Listed at $25 from an original $70.

This athletic piece, with its 14.5-inch length and stretchy fabric, offers freedom of movement and a touch of style for an elevated playing experience. Looks sharp and modern.

pickleball ladies skort

[For quick picks, view pickleball holiday gift deals on Pickleball Central and Amazon]

Holiday Pickleball Deals FAQ

What are the absolute top paddles out right now?

Check out our reviews of the following new releases:

What is a versatile pickleball gift for a player of any level?

A beginner may want a starter pickleball paddle set, or a new bag as they may not have one yet. An experienced player should have both of those things already.

One of the best gifts for any player is a set of fresh pickleballs as we could always use more of those no matter our level.

Another "safe" gift is a shirt or a hat! Same goes for recovery products.

What should you buy for older/senior players?

We wrote a guide on this. Eyewear, lessons, and warm overwear are all great.

If you go the paddle route, look for something lighter and more power-oriented.

What's a suitable budget for holiday pickleball gifts?

That's up to you! Paddles can be expensive, up to $300. Some players would love to receive a new paddle. But there are plenty of necessities an avid player could use.

A new paddle is a very generous gift. But paddles are not the only necessity. Items like socks, hats, eyewear, and hydration supplements are great middling budget accessories to gift.

What do you do if you can't decide what item to gift?

The best gift, then, might be a Pickleball Central online gift certificate. You can select any amount and then the player can select their own items!

Those guys have the best return policy in the industry, very forgiving and flexible.

What pickleball accessories make great stocking stuffers?

Pickleball-themed socks, wristbands, keychains, balls, eyewear, shoelaces, towels, compression sleeves, and hydration packets are perfect stocking stuffers for players.

What can I give to a child/youth pickleball player?

All the same things. Maybe even shoes, as they can't buy those themselves like adults can.

Probably safest are shirts, hats, paddles, socks, towels, and bags. The usual.

[View pickleball gift inspiration on Pickleball Central and Amazon today]

What are some useful items for players who travel to play?

Here are two guides for those who enjoy pickleball while on vacation or on the move:

Best pickleball gifts for coaches and instructors?

Help them keep protected from the sun, and help them stockpile balls. They spend a lot of time outside, on their feet, hitting balls. Help supply the best items for those activities!

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[View all pickleball holiday gift discounts on Pickleball Central and Amazon]

Closing Thoughts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring awesome deals for pickleball gear, top-notch paddles, and stylish apparel at great prices.

Pickleball Central has an industry-leading return policy for occasions just like this, where you may be buying items as a gift.

It's a perfect time to upgrade your gifting game without breaking the bank!

So, dive into these deals, find what suits you or your loved ones, and enjoy a better pickleball experience. Best of luck snagging the ones that look and feel nice at a great value!

View all pickleball gift deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central.

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