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The Best GIFT Ideas for Senior/Older Pickleball Players

Looking for the perfect gift for an older, senior pickleball player in your life? We suggest some pickleball items they could benefit from but may not necessarily buy for themselves.

pickleball gift ideas

Pickleball is a blast, and age is just a number when it comes to enjoying this great game. All ages play, and that's what makes pickleball amazing.

Finding the perfect gift for pickleball-loving seniors or older players in your life can be a bit tricky. What do you get for those who already know their way around the court?

The below is a list of the nicest pickleball gear tailored for older players, from gear that improves their game to items that add comfort and style to their pickleball experience. We have evaluated the market and can recommend the best of the best for seniors.

So let's dive into some gift options that will bring joy to any pickleball senior.

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Top Senior Pickleball Gift Ideas

Pickleball Paddle

Upgrade their game with a high-quality pickleball paddle. Some older players will stick with the same paddle for a long time, but paddles should be replaced periodically.

Seniors benefit from paddles that are lightweight, easy on the body, and offer good power.

Below are two stellar options, one is lower budget and one is a deluxe option. These paddles fit all the criteria for a senior player. They will be lighter, with more power, and will help prevent arm injuries based on their core construction. They are very durable, and look nice too.

Diadem Icon (Mid-Budget)

This paddle is lauded for its lightweight build and powerful core. Seniors will be able to swing this paddle without arm strain, and will be able to hit distance shots with a poppy sweet spot.

This is a sleek, reliable, reputable paddle for any older player to feel confident with.

pickleball paddle for seniors

ProKennex White LG (Deluxe)

This is a powerful paddle but is lightweight and thin. These qualities make it easy to swing, and this model is particularly renowned for reducing elbow injury due to vibration reduction.

This is the Cadillac of paddles, and any senior will love it. It is durable, and will last years.

pickleball paddle for seniors

Here are some other resources and paddle guides for seniors to consider:

Pickleball Balls

Gift a set of durable and consistent pickleball balls. Every player needs balls, they are one of the universal pieces of equipment you can gift a player and know it will be used.

Opt for balls that have good visibility, and are a bright neon color. The one we recommend below will last long, and is used in tournaments and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Franklin X-40

This is the gold standard of balls, and any senior player will enjoy its durability and playability. It is not the craziest ball nor the softest and tamest, but it is visibly neon and plays nicely.

Grab them a 12-pack, which will last them a while! It's an ideal, safe pickleball gift.

franklin pickleballs

Here is an additional guide about the Dura Fast 40, a more advanced ("crazy") ball.

Equipment Bag

An ergonomic and fashionable pickleball bag will keep their gear organized and easily carryable to the courts. Senior players will benefit from the convenience and flair.

Look for a bag with multiple compartments, including a special slot for their paddle, and comfortable shoulder straps in case it's a longer walk from the car.

Below is one ladies option for a shoulder bag, and one unisex option for any avid player.

Ame & Lulu Hamptons Bag (Ladies)

This is an elegant canvas fabric bag that looks classy on and off the court. It has an external paddle compartment that can hold two paddles. It then has plenty of room for a water bottle, a spare pair of shoes. Personal items can go into the smaller divider pockets. All in all, this is a beautiful option for the ladies and will greatly improve one's court look and feel.

ladies pickleball bag womens

Franklin Pro Series Paddle Bag (Unisex)

The Franklin Pro Series Pickleball Paddle Bag is like the ultimate buddy for avid pickleball players. It was designed with input from pickleball pros, so it's got all the features. The polyester is sturdy, so gear stays safe. With four zippered pockets, including ones for your paddles, shoes, and personal items, it keeps everything neatly organized.

Plus, you can carry it as a backpack or duffle, so it's versatile. Comes in four color combos.

franklin pickleball gear equipment bag

Here are other resources on gear bags for serious pickleball players:

Protective Eyewear

Protective glasses and goggles have great benefits for seniors.

One, older players often have slower reaction time and are at greater risk of getting hit with a ball in the eye. Two, older players tend to want vision aid in both brightness and darkness.

But protective glasses is not always something a person thinks to buy. So this can be a really great gift. Also, most are "one size fits all" so you don't have to worry. Most are adjustable or flexible and will fit fine on everyone.

pickleball eyewear glasses

These below links will show you the top-rated protective eyewear for pickleball:

Health Accessories

Health and wellness is crucial for senior players, especially when active. This can be protection against sun, dehydration, muscles, and many other things.

Consider pieces of gear that can make a senior's play experience safer, such as a high-grade water bottle, supplements, SUV-protection headwear, or a massage device.

Basically everything that keeps seniors safe, healthy, mobile, and happy.

Here are our top resources on aids and equipment that will make a senior player's game sessions safer and healthier.

Pickleball Apparel

A great gift is to provide someone with comfortable and moisture-wicking clothing designed for pickleball. Buying clothes for a friend or family member is not as hard as it may seem.

Consider a stylish, breathable shirt that can keep them cool and focused during games.

joola pickleball shirt

Here are our top resources on buying functional pickleball apparel for men and women:

Court Shoes

Proper footwear is crucial to prevent slips and ensure stability during play. So for seniors, having nice quality shoes is paramount. It can really reduce or prevent a lot of injury and pain.

Buying shoes for someone else is not too tricky, just figure out their shoe size. Then, get them a pair of court-specific shoes with good grip and cushioning for support and comfort.

Pickleball-playing seniors may not be as fast as they once were, but good shoes are still key!

pickleball shoes

Here are our top pickleball shoe resources:

Pickleball Training Aids

There are many training tools available to help an older player practice the game they love. Working towards improvement is a very gratifying activity for many older players.

Items such as ball baskets, nets, or even electronic pickleball machines can help seniors improve their skills and encourage and embolden them to stay active.

pickleball basket drills training

Here are our top guides on pickleball training gear:

Pickleball Retailer Gift Card

If you're unsure about their preferences or specific needs, a gift card to a reputable online pickleball retailer is a great choice.

pickleball gift card certificate

Pickleball Central is a household name in the sport, and has one of the most generous and easiest return policies of any company in the space. They will have anything an avid player could be looking for, and will routinely stock all the newest and latest deals.

[Here is a link where you can input/select gift card options on Pickleball Central]

The special player can pick out what they want, ensuring they'll be happy with the gift!

Senior Pickleball Player Gifts FAQ

What's the ideal weight for a pickleball paddle for a senior player?

Personal preference does apply, but for seniors, a paddle in the range of 7.5 to 8.0 ounces is often a good choice.

It provides a balance of power and control without putting excessive strain on the arm. Try not to exceed about 8.2 unless they really prefer a heavy paddle.

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Are there specific pickleball balls designed for older players?

No, pickleball balls are not typically designed specifically for seniors or any age.

However, outdoor pickleball balls are known for their durability and are often preferred by players of all ages, including seniors, due to their consistent performance.

The ball shown above will stay good for a long time and is a reputable brand.

What are good warm-up routines for senior pickleball players?

Warm-up exercises are essential to prevent injuries. Seniors should focus on light stretching, joint mobility exercises, and gentle cardio to get their muscles and joints ready for play.

Consult a fitness professional for personalized routines.

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What's the ideal bag size for a senior pickleball player?

A medium-sized pickleball bag with multiple compartments is usually a good choice.

It should be spacious enough to hold a paddle, balls, a water bottle, and accessories while still being easy to carry. Look for one with padded straps for added comfort.

An older player might consider a smaller backpack style of gear bag, too.

What safety accessories are good for a senior pickleball player?

Safety accessories like wristbands with sweat absorption capabilities can help prevent slips or accidents during play. Also, consider a comfy visor or hat to protect them from the sun.

What is a non-pickleball gift a senior pickleball player could use?

One great idea would be a GoPro camera, so they can film their games, film their loved ones, or take high-quality photos of their friends and family at the courts.

Here is our suggested camera model that is convenient, great value for price, and films at the highest quality.

What are the most useful health items for older players?

Take a look at aids like CBD oil, magnesium, hydration supplements, Epsom bath salts, and other soothing, natural products that can help muscles relax and recover.

View some of our top recommended products for sleep and muscle relief.

What can I buy for senior players who have a court at home?

We wrote an article on this. Consider items such as drink coolers, lounge chairs, mood lights, and ball-related aids like baskets and tubes.

Closing Thoughts

The gifts we've discussed above aren't just items, they're tokens of appreciation for the active and vibrant lives our senior players lead.

Whether it's a new paddle, some comfortable apparel, something to keep them protected from the sun or hydrated, or a gear bag, or whatever, your thoughtful gift can make their pickleball journey even more enjoyable.

It's a way of saying, "We see your passion, we celebrate your dedication, and we're here to support your love for the game." Here's to a love of the game, the enduring joy of pickleball.

View all pickleball gift deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central.

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