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7 Types of Pickleball Players You Will Meet

Pickleball combines the fast-paced excitement of many sports. Or for some people, it's their first sport. It casts a wide net and draws a wide range of personalities.

pickleball net ball paddle

There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, and scuba divers who play pickleball!

The pickleball experience is not just about the game. It's about the cast of characters you'll meet on the court.

From aggressive hitters to casual lobbers, pickleball attracts a colorful variety. Get ready to meet..."The 7 Types of Players in Pickleball"! This is meant as a just-for-fun list.

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The "I'm-still-in-my-prime" Player:

This person is convinced they're still in their heyday, and plays with the intensity and focus of a professional athlete.

Perhaps they made the qualifiers of Wimbledon in 1972, or they were "really good" on their high school soccer team. They may be the oldest person on the court, but they're still out on the court giving it their all. Related: Best Pickleball Recovery Products

This can make it all the more fun when you win a point or game off them! This person is endearing because they are reliving the glory days, and pickleball is great for folks staying active and taking it to the young guns.

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The "I-just-want-to-have-fun" Player:

This person is there to have a good time and maybe work on their tan. They always have the fun outfit on.

They are the one yelling and laughing after every point, even if it resulted in them getting hit by the ball. They're not too concerned with winning or losing, they're always up for a game.

They're the ones blasting "Jump" by Van Halen on their speakers and joking around after games. This person is the one always suggesting "where are we going to eat?" and suggests themed sessions where everyone wears 80's gear to the courts.

Accessory of choice: These decorative high socks

The "I-just-bought-my-first-paddle" Player:

They're the newbies, and are just excited to be there. It's endearing.

They saw pickleball on ESPN highlights, or their folks lured them into trying it out, and now they are completely hooked. They're easy to spot by their brand-new paddles and the look of wonder on their faces.

They're the ones who ask lots of questions to other folks in the paddle line, such as "how do you hold your paddle?" They are eager to learn!

This person can often be found with one of those wooden paddles, but not for long!

Accessory of choice: Headband/sweatband combo

The "I-only-play-with-my-partner" Player:

This person only plays with their partner, and they're not interested in playing with anyone else. It is an unbreakable bond and you nor the laws of physics can separate them.

They're the ones who show up with their teammate, put down their two paddles in tandem, and then proceed to play only with each other for the entire session.

You sometimes hear these folks game-planning for rec games or arguing with each other after a loss! But ultimately, duos like this are borne from familiarity, and mostly it's good vibes.

Accessory of choice: Lead weight tape

The "I-never-miss-a-playdate" Player:

They're the ones who are always at the club, rain or shine.

Always in the parking lot, coming or going. They travel to tournaments. You can see their comments on every Facebook post from every pro.

They organize games, fill-in for games, they are at open play sessions, and they are watching pickleball on YouTube if they are not playing.

They squeegee the court when it is wet. They are hanging out under an umbrella when it's sunny and everyone has gone home. They take selfies with Irina. They're dedicated!

Accessory of choice: Pickleball Hydro Flask

The "I-only-play-to-win" Player:

This person takes the game very seriously, and they're there to win.

They're the ones who are always playing at the highest level, and they're not afraid to let you know it. They stick to the rules and they give it 110% each shot.

But we know it's from a place of caring. Why else would someone read the rulebook?!

This person is not afraid to rip drives and smashes at the opponent, and they always call out the score loudly before points, especially if they're ahead!

Accessory of choice: JOOLA protective edge tape

The "I-think-I'm-Tyson-McGuffin" Player:

This person is fully decked out in the sharpest, freshest gear and has brand-new shoes and accessories at all time.

They've got the latest paddle, it's all outfitted with overgrips and edge tape. This person has seen every tutorial video and practiced all the trick shots in the mirror.

Now they have donned their tightest pair of shorts, and put their paddle down in line at the local open play, so they can try out their new and improved game on the rec players.

This person can be heard screaming "COME ON!" at 1-3-2 after the most pedestrian of shots. They don't tap paddles after the game but rather handshake, because their paddle is too clean and expensive!

Accessory of choice: Tourna Overgrip

The pickleball community is unique!

Some of the folks are funny and weird, but in an endearing way and we can only embrace them for who they are.

We're a diverse group of people who come together to play a fun game we enjoy, and that's what makes pickleball and its people special.

Even though we may poke fun at each other, we all share a love for the sport all the same.

So, if you're ever at the pickleball club, don't be surprised if you come across any of these people. Just remember, we're all in it for the fun!

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